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How Liveable is Gladstone?

This week students across Year 7 from Gladstone State High School visited iconic sites around Gladstone to determine the liveability of our city.  Students made observations about what our town had to offer when they undertook a tour around town followed by a visit to East Shores and Auckland Hill lookout.  While out and about students took the opportunity to gather primary data to assist them with their decision about what makes Gladstone a great place to live.
With major developments in recent years in both the industrial sector and social/community sector students were able to see first-hand the positive impact that these were having on our community. 
We asked the students from 7J what they most enjoyed about living here in Gladstone.
I love Gladstone because of the community we have created.  Gladstone facilities are excellent and there are so many sporting clubs that are welcoming and definitely interesting to join.  Another thing I like Gladstone for is that the shops are located at the centre of town. Kirsty L
I like that Gladstone has a clean harbour.  I strongly believe that it is important to keep our harbour clean and safe for the animals that live there. Jemma H
I like that Gladstone is a safe and healthy place to live.  There are people that have smiles on their faces every day and most people in Gladstone are polite.  There is lots of entertainment facilities and ample places to go and exercise.  Giselle L
I like the city of Gladstone because there are many community events.  The Harbour Festival is amazing!  Gladstone also has a low crime rate making it a safe place for teenagers. I also like the sporting facilities – they provide a great place for fun and exercise.  Lilli
East Shores is a great area for families.  It has lots of open spaces for people to meet.  I was surprised by how clean it was – there was no litter at all!  It’s fun to play in the water park or just run around.  I love it! Kaila K
The thing I liked best was being out and about and seeing all the things that Gladstone has to offer.  East Shores is a fantastic place with lots of facilities on offer. There is lots for teenagers to do in Gladstone I think kids just have to get out and enjoy it.  Kaitlyn O
The reason why I like Gladstone is because of how many facilities for sport there is since I absolutely love sport.  I also like all of the parks – especially East Shores because who doesn’t like a picnic?  One of my favourite things about Gladstone is how small it is because we can walk almost anywhere.  The other things I like are the restaurants and cafes – there is lots of choice!  Tyson S
What I like about Gladstone is that there are plenty of things to do. These activities include water sports, swimming, fishing and skiing. Also, soccer, football, tennis, hockey, archery, squash and BMX.  Dylan W
Gladstone has its own unique appearance.  The environment is so clean and green. Something that I hardly see in towns is that every month or so, Gladstone organises an exciting and entertaining event for everyone.  Lastly, Gladstone is a small town but it certainly has amazing opportunities for teenagers and children. Fredrica T
There are many reasons why I like my home town, Gladstone.  Firstly, it has many healthy, green spaces.  Secondly it has great facilities and finally it is a safe place for teenagers.  Cameron W
I like that Gladstone has a wide range of facilities for all ages.  I also like Gladstone as it is a very pretty city, even though it is an industrial one.  It has a great variety of recreational activities including parks and green spaces, sporting fields, swimming pools and beaches.  Kate
I enjoy that Gladstone has lots of open green spaces.  I also like that we have lots of facilities and services.  Gladstone is also a safe place to live in.  Diaz B
What I like about Gladstone is how small it is, making it safe and secure.  It is a humble little town full of greenery and luscious areas.  It’s harbour is always an amusing sight making it, in my opinion, the best place to be.  Michaela G
The liveability of Gladstone is exceptional!  The facilities offered provide us a much better lifestyle that lots of other places in Central Queensland.  I really enjoy seeing that our water is not polluted and that there is very little crime making it a safe place to live. Ben P
The things I like about Gladstone are all the large parklands and variety of educational facilities not to mention job opportunities.  We also have a lot of entertaining events such as EcoFest and the Harbour Festival.  There are so many sporting groups too!  Jordana K
I like that Gladstone has many community events to attend such as fun runs, Harbour Festival, Parades, Relay for life and markets.  All these events bring our community together and that is what I really like.  Gladstone residents don’t have the biggest shopping centre but we do have shops, movies, East Shores and so much more.  Anna K
There are many things I like about Gladstone.  One is how serine the town is.  There is never too much traffic and it’s never too busy.  We always have amazing events such as the Harbour Festival, EcoFest and the Multicultural Festival.  This really is a magnificent little city.  There are beautiful, clean parks and so many sporting clubs and facilities.  Bethany M
Four things about Gladstone?  Where do I start…I love the beautiful green spaces.  The harbour is so gorgeous and there are so many parks to meet up with family and friends. East Shores is definitely the best.  I love that we are so close to the beach and other bigger centres that have all the things that we don’t have.  I believe that Gladstone is a great place to live and we are a very lucky little city.  Emily D
I enjoyed driving around Gladstone and seeing what there was here.  Stopping at East Shores was the highlight of our recent field trip as it is such a nice place to go.  Alisa C
I like Gladstone because of its wonderful green spaces.  There is always somewhere you can sit down on the lovely green grass.  Gladstone has so many social events it is hard to list them all.  Another think I like about Gladstone is the people, they are so nice and everyone should feel welcome in the community. Chloe B
I love how Gladstone has many wonderful community events such as the Harbour Festival.  Also, I love the entertainment venues – particularly the cinemas and the Entertainment Centre.  It’s also great that Gladstone is still small enough that everything is so close together.  Georgia S
I like Gladstone because it has many facilities for all age groups.  I also like the community events such as BAM, the markets and the festivals held here each year.  Imogen P
Gladstone has many beautiful places to visit. I love walking around East Shores and looking at all the things there for families to do. Gerimie