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Strategies for Parents and the Community


v  Discuss with the school the expertise, capability and services you can offer as an individual, community or organisation.
v  Identify the needs of the students you currently support. Look for common areas of need and opportunity that you and your students may have in common with the school.
v  Work with the school to develop a holistic approach to supporting student learning and success. For example, if students in your community/client group have issues with nutrition affecting their learning, then a joint 'Healthy eating - healthy thinking' program may improve student nutrition and student learning.
v  Work with the school on shared policies and approaches that support effective learning and positive community outcomes - for example, anti-truancy measures or community volunteering.
v  Engage in community collaboration strategies that are appropriate for children's different ages and stages of development. For example:
ü  Get involved in activities for Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Schools (EATSIPS), such as sharing traditional culture and stories.
ü  Communicate with local high schools and other providers to support student transition from primary into junior secondary. Attend information evenings, investigate opportunities for specialised programs or scholarships
Junior Secondary
ü  Support local businesses and the school when they join in initiatives to improve learning and community outcomes (e.g. anti-truancy measures such as not serving students during school hours).
ü  Access local networks that are focused on adolescent learning and development issues (e.g. engagement, drugs, human relationships, mental health). Offer your personal expertise where appropriate to support networked programs.
Senior Secondary
ü  Offer work placements for work experience
ü  Contact the school or EQIP for employment of apprentices and trainees
ü  Support a student alumni group to extend and strengthen networks