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How can Parents/Carers Support Student Learning at Home?

Supporting young people throughout their Senior Phase of Learning can involve a wide range of people, information and plenty of time.  It is important to realise that not every student will have specific ideas of what they want to do or "become" after they have left school.  Students need to be guided through exploration and identification of their strengths and weaknesses and ensuring that they make choices that allow them to keep a number of options open.  There are great websites that provide thought provoking discussions and conversations as well as give each party plenty of information to work through.  

It is really important that parents become familiar with the language that is quite specific to the Senior Phase of Learning (there are lots of acronyms) so that they can talk with their children about their schooling.  Keeping up to date with your students’ progress in each of their subjects is also of vital importance as it will help you (and them) understand and identify their strengths (that they can then capitalize on) and weaknesses (so they can improve on these before they become too much of a hurdle).

If your son or daughter needs to speak with someone regarding career counselling they should contact our School Guidance Officer Brendan Burke or if they have made some decisions or have some ideas but just need a bit more information they should call into the Senior Schooling Department and have a chat.


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