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EAL/D Co-ordinator







  •  Manage 110 EAL/D students within the school.
  • Manage resources allocated to the EAL/D effectively including human, curriculum based and financial resources to ensure optimal learning opportunities are created

  • Coordinate staffing – teachers and teacher aides

  • Work in conjunction with external agencies such as Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours (WIN)

  • Work with staff to identify future professional development needs and help to identify opportunities to meet these needs to continue to develop support programs for EAL/D students

  • Coordinate the timetabling of EAL/D students, carefully considering individual needs and abilities

  • Timetable teacher aide support to maximize the learning outcomes for EAL/D students

  • Liaise with classroom teachers to modify and adjust curriculum and assessment for EAL/D learners.

  • Attend enrolment interviews in order to allocate appropriate classes and support for EAL/D students

  • Mentor, plan and monitor provision of differentiated learning experiences within the EAL/D Program to maximise opportunities for student success.

  • Negotiate entry and exit of students in the EAL/D program based on identified criteria. Liaise with parents to inform them of student performance - both positive and negative, within the EAL/D program.

  • Work with students and staff to ensure positive working relationships are maintained.

  • Intervene when student behaviour is not appropriate and additional support is needed by staff.

  • Facilitate Professional Development in the field of Cultural Diversity for teaching staff