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Decision making


Strategies for Parents and the Community

v  Participate actively in school consultation and decision-making activities. Talk to school leaders about consultation activities so they understand what forms of consultation you prefer.
v  Seek information about school consultation and decision making activities so you can choose activities that are most suitable for you.
v  Seek feedback from the school about the outcomes of consultation and how your input was used.
v  Make sure your input is constructive and considerate of the views of others. Remember that a school community is a diverse place and there will be a range of views expressed on any issue.
v  Engage in decision making in ways that are appropriate for your children's ages and stages of development. For example:
ü  Participate in surveys.
ü  Join the school council or P&C association.
ü  Encourage other parents and community members to become engaged and invested in the vision and direction of the school.
ü  Take issues of concern in the school community to the P&C with suggested actions to address the concern.
ü  Ensure you engage with the school during the development of the strategic plan.
Junior Secondary
Senior Secondary
ü  Develop an Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Schools (EATSIPS) education committee in the school.
ü  Offer to arrange translation of draft school planning documents into the key languages of the school community to extend consultation to a broader range of parent groups.